When in Rome

Today, joy of joys, I am teaching my students about Roman wall paintings, particularly those discovered at Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Boscoreale. I am obsessed with this one:
I love love love the color palette, the trompe l'oeil architectural details, and the illusionism of the outdoor world. Someday, when I have my villa (a girl can dream), it will surely have walls that look oh so close to this.

Au bord de la mer

Each month, when I receive my new issue of Coastal Living magazine (courtesy of my design-savvy momma), I want to live INSIDE the magazine. The homes featured are so me. A touch of beachy-chic with a mix of traditional elements and a dash of vintage, oh pretty please, let me live here:

Or even here?

Or this would work too:

Good morning, sunshine!

Well, it's another gloriously-sunny day here in So-Cal. While I always thought of myself as more of a blistery-weather-loving Midwesterner, I am getting used to unending expanses of blue sky and bright sunshine. This weekend will surely include a beach picnic!

photo by moi

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