Cocktail du jour: The Caipirinha

The warm summer sun and clear blue skies make me crave beachy cocktails.  Though I've never been to Rio, I have tasted plenty of limey and delicious caipirinhas (pronounced:kai-pee-reen-ya). Cue the bossa nova tunes, throw on your swimsuit and sarong...here's the scoop on these sweet and tart libations.  You'll be on Copacabana in no time!

Smitten for Kitchens

Apartment living has many lovely advantages, but customizing one's kitchen is simply not one of them.  As someone who spends many hours a day scurrying through my kitchen (mostly chasing my speed-crawling munchkin around and around the island), I often think about what I'd want in my someday-maybe-perhaps dream cooking space.  

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