Coveting: Hermes

Hermes scarves are quite possibly the most chic, timeless accessory that a woman can wear. Though I would have to forgo groceries for a month to purchase one, I am dreaming of the vivacious colors and soft silk of an Hermes scarf nonetheless. Somehow I've convinced myself, if only I had Hermes around my neck, I could channel my inner Grace Kelly or Jackie O.

At the Movies: Pink Films

Over the past weeks, I've looked at the way color is used strategically as a cinematic device. Green was woven throughout Great Expectations. Red appears as the color of passion in Moulin Rouge. Black and White becomes the color story for Coco before Chanel.

As you might imagine, any film with pops of pink captures my visual attention. Pink is first and foremost the color of femininity. Whether it's Shelby's insistence that there is a distinct difference between blush and bashful in Steel Magnolias or Elle's head-to-toe rosy ensembles throughout Legally Blonde, shades of pink soften onscreen performances or add a fun girly touch.

And, now....for movies with an plethora of pink: Marie Antoinette, Legally Blonde, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Steel Magnolias.
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