Taste Treats, Banana Edition

As I have kvetched before, I always have overripe bananas sitting around the kitchen. My usual solution to this problem is the ubiquitous banana bread; however, my banana bread inevitably ends up dry on the edges and raw in the middle, traits not becoming of a baked good.

Then, yesterday, a revelation: why not bake banana bread in a bundt pan? Better yet, why not bake banana bread in my favorite fleur-de-lis bundt pan?

Here's my new favorite recipe for banana bread:

100 Posts Old

Ladies (and perhaps one or two gents): this is my 100th post! Here's hoping, like Chateau Margaux and Robert Redford, the blog only gets better with age. Next, to get 100 people to follow the blog....

Words to Live by

Ode to Monsieur Eiffel

I have a theory: the first foreign country you visit as a young person becomes "your country" and the subject of lifelong fascination. For me, obviously, that country was France.

Other destinations have no doubt captured my imagination and satisfied my soul, but France is the place where my mind wanders in my daydreams.

While I have tried to avoid becoming an Eiffel Tower fanatic with a tower shower curtain or tower t-shirts, I do tend to punctuate my home with a tower here and there to remind me of my city of lights.

Images from around my apartment
:And, it would appear that I am not the only one affected by this Eiffel-mania:

Last three images borrowed from
HouseBeautiful, ApartmentTherapy & HomesAndGarden.
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