Dinner Time

In the middle of the week, I need dinners that are fast and involve a few ready-made ingredients.  I love "fortifying" marinara sauce by adding onions, garlic and fresh herbs.  Tonight, I made one of the ultimate comfort foods: stuffed shells.  The benefit of this recipe is that I had enough to make double batches and freeze one for next week!  As Ina would say, "how easy is that?"

Comfy Chic

Snuggies. Uggs. Stretchy pants.  Comfort has become the dirty word in fashion because of shapeless items like these. 

If you've ever watched more than five minutes of TLC's long-running program, What Not to Wear, you have inevitably seen Clinton Kelly roll his eyes when one of his sloppy students mutters the words, "but it's soooo comfy."  On the show, Kelly tosses out heaps of sagging sweat pants and unstructured shoes and hoodies. 

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