How to End the Weekend Right

1. Pour vino into your favorite glass. Rosé, while given a bad reputation, is a lovely chilled libation. Blackjack Ranch's Rubies is what we poured on this particular evening. Yum.
2. Find a comfy chair outside, preferably of the Adirondack variety.
3. Light candles. Candles=ambiance.
4. Soak in the last bit of Sunday sun.
5. Do not think nor utter a word about Monday. Monday is like Voldemort. It shall not be mentioned.
6. Recline in said chair with said glass of vino. Chill. Out.

Photo by moi, on our gnome-sized porch. Spring 2010.

The Art of Design: Picasso

Despite the emotional anguish that fueled Pablo Picasso's Blue Period, his images from the early 1900s strangely take on a steely, cold beauty. These paintings appear at once haunting and enchanting. What would a room built around the austere gray and blue palette of Les Noces de Pierrette from 1905 look like? How can art serve as inspiration for our dwelling spaces?Images borrowed from InglenookDecor, TheLennoxx, DecorPad, CandiceOlsen,& MilesRedd.
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