Cocktail du jour

The gimlet is the classic vodka martini's ladylike cousin. When I sip gimlets, I feel as though I'm attending a cocktail party at Betty Draper's house. Gimlets, though consisting of few simple ingredients, pack a layered punch of flavors (thanks mainly to gin's juniper notes).

The Gin Gimlet:

2 parts gin
half a lime (or Rose's lime juice)
splash of simple syrup (omit if using Rose's)

shake with lots of ice
serve very cold
Photo by moi.

Flowers for Friday

"Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity." John Ruskin

Rain or shine, over my weekly budget or under it, every Friday I treat myself to a bunch of (usually pink) posies. Flowers are not a luxury, they are a necessity. What else can you buy for $6 that will offer a week's worth of satisfaction for zero calories and sans guilt?

This week, while loading up my cart at Trader Joe's, I spied this bitsy bunch of peonies. Swoon (a gold star to my daddio who gave me that simply elegant Eva Zeisel vase)
Check out those glorious peonies three days later:Photos by moi.

Ordinary Things

A few ordinary things of extraordinary beauty:Images borrowed from SayingImages, Vi.ualize.us, MakeAndTakes, ThatObscureObject & Photoholic.
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