Salad, French Style

One of the first culinary revelations I had in Paris was the salade composée. Whereas most of the salads I had experienced in Missouri up to that point in my young life were sloppy heaps of iceberg with an occasional carrot, French salads were presented in orderly little stacks of veggies and pickled goodies. Salade composée, composed salad, was elegantly arranged with flavors that mingled together deliciously.

As result of this early Parisian training in "how to make salad look yummy," when possible I take a little extra time to arrange my salad components in a pleasing way. Even when you're just throwing together a jar of Ragu and some penne for dinner, this salad takes the meal from "pas mal" to "très bien."

Gushing Over 9 by Design {again}

As I've admitted before, I am completely captivated by 9 by Design on Bravo. Unlike so many of the train-wreck reality programs, this show focuses on a family that is living well and doing good.

The Art of Design: Signac

For me, design inspiration almost always comes from something on hanging on my wall. Color palette, textures or shapes---what you're attracted to in an artwork will certainly translate into a room you adore. Art is the ultimate inspiration. How would this pointillist St. Tropez Tree by Paul Signac inspire a living room?

I envision myriad shades of blue with touches of lemony yellow, eclectic furniture and a few beachy elements:
Images borrowed from TheGlamLamb, House&Home, HouseOfTurquoise, Lonny, SkonaHemviaDesiretoInspire & CandiceOlsen.

Spring Spruce Up

When design trends trickle down to a store within my price point, I get giddy. I've been seeing Suzani and lattice prints EVERYWHERE in designer rooms lately. So, I was a happy homemaker when I found these cheaper chic goodies at my favorite budget-friendly spots.

A Suzani tablecloth by Dwell at Target:
A lattice lamp with a Moroccan touch from Home Goods: Lattice pillows by Dwell at Target:
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