Wonders for Your Wall

As they so often do, the aesthetic gurus over at DesignSponge have introduced me to another lovely new artist.

Saturday Sweet Treat

I baked you some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies:While I was at the market, I picked up some purpley-pink tulips for you: Photos by moi.

The Art of Design: Rothko

Last week, I romanticized about building an entire room around O'Keeffe's sorbet-hued abstraction from 1919.

Today, dream with me, as I wonder what it would be like to have Rothko's nonrepresentational color block study from 1949 on my lowly walls. (Recommendation from your art historian blogger buddy: if you are not a fan of Rothko, watch Simon Schama's The Power of Art and you might just become a convert.)

How might Rothko's warm palette affect your design choices? How would his blurry evanescent borders and soft billowy edges play out in your selections?

Images borrowed from HollyDymentDesign, ApartmentTherapy, ElleDecor, CountryLiving, & KimberlyAyresDesign.
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