Cocktail du jour

The Lemon Drop :
Tart and sweet. Zingy yet smooth.

Dinner Time

If you are what you eat and I am eating a tart....well, you do the math. This Thursday, as almost every other, my hubby has his "man-date" with his best-bud. Rather than sitting at home and eating my single girl dinner of cheerios and chardonnay, I decided to make myself something civilized and scrumptious. And, what, my dears, could be more civilized that a savory tart?

In a Word

Today I'm feeling:Images borrowed from LesPlusBeauxx, Flickr,& BlackWatch.

Coveting: Walkin' Boots

My recent t.v. obsession is the Texas high school football drama: Friday Night Lights. I discovered it late in the game (pun intended)only a few months ago, right before the debut of the long-anticipated 4th season on NBC. And, like all of my favorite dramas (The Sopranos, The Wire, Dexter), the character development is what instantly hooked me.

This show is about way more than football. It's about the ordinary flaws and triumphs of everyday folks. But, what really allows the show to shine is the superb casting. In particular, Tami Taylor (Connie Britton), as the coach's wife, is perfection.

Do what you love

A caveat...what you're about to read is my version of a Jerry Maguire-style occupational manifesto:

Throughout high school, I had stridently planned to pursue my goal of becoming a physician. Most everyone in the family worked in medicine. Why wouldn't I wear a white coat and stethoscope too?

Then, in college, thanks to one miserable biology professor with a Napoleon complex and one erudite art history professor with passion, my interests shifted from anatomy and physiology to oil on canvas and illuminated manuscripts. Why would I continue to labor through biology labs when I felt insatiably hungry for more art history lectures?
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