Flowers for Friday

Oh, flower section at Trader Joe's, you got me again.  Rather than leaving with one little measley bunch of flowers, today I walked out with dahlias, freesia, celosia and calla lillies.  
 With all of these flowers in a gorgeous deep fuchsia shade, I couldn't resist getting all four petite bunches.  When I got home, I made them into one big effervescent pink bouquet.

Dress like a Lady

Last night, I spent a couple of luscious hours fawning over 726 pages of the September Vogue.  In past years, I found myself questioning the selections of Anna Wintour and her team.  How many American women would really wear sequined harem pants or 6 inch purple platforms heels?  

But this year, I was delighted to discover the abundance of classy, elegant, lady-like looks à la Grace Kelly or Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn.  

Gone are the grungy military and unstructured bohemian fashions.  Fall this year, at long last, requires dressing like a lady and flaunting feminine curves. We can thank Michelle O(bama) and the gals of Mad Men for this return to refined, polished styles.
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