Beach Bag Bingo

Today, I'm borrowing a feature from Coastal Living magazine. Recently, they've been profiling designers and celebs by asking what they tote around in their beach bags.

We're planning a trip to Bermuda later this summer and I've already started trying to whittle down my list of beach-reads and making a Marley mix for the iPod.

Today, I thought I'd spill the usual contents of my own beach bag:

What are your must-have beach goodies?

Tunic by Tory Burch, bag from
Jcrew & flipflops from OldNavy.

Seeing Stripes

Is it just me, or are you all seeing stripes too? Everywhere I look, hipsters and celebutants are adorning themselves in striped smocks.

We can probably thank Madame Chanel for this classic androgynous trend, initially borrowed from sailors on the coast of Brittany. But, it looks like stripes are here to stay, as Fall 2010 collections are going Zebra again too. Whether verging on nautical or classically French or outright preppy, stripes are once again making their mark.

Everything old is new again.
Images borrowed from JCrew, FemaleFirst, & InStyle.

Words to Live by

Image by Freya.
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