I'm taking a little getaway this weekend, but before I do....I made sure to snatch some 9:30am tickets to SATC2 tomorrow. Now I remember what Christmas eve felt like when I was 7!

Cheers, girls!
It's only a day away (happy dance!). Sip your cosmos, pull on your vintage Halston and slip into those Manolos....
It's almost here:

Cocktail du jour

The Tangerini:
  • 2 parts vodka
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 1 part Tangerine juice
  • splash of grenadine
shake vigorously with ice.
serve very cold.

The Four Friends

Bette Midler said it best, "well, you got to have fri-ends."

In my life, I've been fortunate to have had some fabulous friends. Some are near, others are far away. Some are old enough to be my mother, and others have known me since I was five. As I prepare to enter my thirties, I have come to recognize that every gal needs four types of friends

Chalk it Up

Perhaps it's the teacher in me, or even the compulsive list-maker, but the thought of a chalkboard wall is enticing: a recipe here, a doodle there.Though in order to make the chalkboard wall all the more appealing, I would want a handwriting makeover. My current chicken scratch would not look like interior decor. It would look like a list-making nut had moved in. While we're pretending, I would request that my handwriting look like that which is ubiquitous on French café menu boards.
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