At the Movies: Seeing Green

Some movies appear so meticulously directed that viewers might associate a specific color with them to the same degree as even character, plot, or setting.

Green seems to be a favorite in the film industry. Entire movies' art direction has been built around this versatile and emotive shade. It is the color of envy, of money, of nature, of fertility and of lust. Almost subliminally, the psychology of green enhances many complex plot points. Green especially seems to predominate in the following fabulous movies:

Mes [Faux] Amis

Sometimes I like to pretend that people I don't know are my fictitious friends. I sincerely believe that these t.v. personalities or authors or socialites and I would be the best of buddies.

Giada is definitely at the top of my wanna-be-amigas list, though sometimes I might have to tell her to turn off her selective Italian accent(parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto, ciabatta). Otherwise, as long as she made me nutella delights or yummy penne and pesto, we could hang in her mod Malibu pad.

My bad-boy wanna-be-bud is definitely Anthony Bourdain. I guess I like foodies and chefs. Tony is clever and articulate with a good dose of straight up snark. Tony, I'll share some pig with you any day. Second-runners up on my pretend friends list are definitely a few of the gals from HGTV. Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olsen would certainly be excellent happy hour buddies who could conveniently provide tips about toile or tile. As for, double-date friends, Chris Martin and Gwyneth would make for fun conversations, wouldn't they? We could meet up in London for some vegan curry and karaoke (Chris, pretty please sing Strawberry Swing!).Who are your pretend friends?
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