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Fear Not the Soufflé

Certain culinary experiences are outright daunting: making croissants from scratch, roasting a medium-rare rack of lamb, creating a perfectly lemony Hollandaise sauce to top perfectly poached eggs. These are the recipes you read longingly in your cookbooks. These are the recipes that cause you to think, maybe one day.

At the top of my culinary avoidances list were soufflés. Then, I came across this simple and seamless recipe from Mark Bittman. My first ever soufflé go-round, and the result was absolute chocolaty perfection. I even felt so confident as to pull together an impromptu raspberry sauce.

So, go forth and conquer your kitchen fears (just be sure to practice these recipes on your hungry hubby before debuting them at your next dinner party). You do not want to have a Bridget Jones' blue soup incident on your hands.
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