Ever since I was a wee little blondie, I have always found much joy in the little things. A stray seashell on the white sand of the Gulf or a gorgeous shade of blue in a Chagall painting or a delightfully crisp apple...those found objects and delicious details always captivated my imagination and brought me sustained happiness.

Later, as a college student, I watched
Amélie for the first time and became enchanted by the title character's similar purview. As Amélie cracked the thin sugar coating to her crème brûlée or adorned her fingertips with perfectly pink raspberries, I identified with her. I wanted to live IN the movie. I wanted to be a customer at Amélie's café. I wanted to learn from her as she sucked in the sweetness in life. (Thank goodness I didn't cut my hair into a black bob!)

I now try to fill my daily rituals with an appreciation for objects of inherent beauty and pleasure.... the little pleasures...les petits plaisirs.

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