Tips and Tricks: The Cheaper Chic

My go-to relaxation technique is a hot bubble bath (perhaps with a little glass of vino). A few years ago, Oprah, as she tends to do, was raving about Lollia bubble bath. I immediately found a bottle of the luxuriously-scented bathtime treat. The bottle was elegant and chic while the bubble bath itself smelled of a delicate floral vanilla. After filling my tiny tub on a few occasions, I (and my AmEx) grew weary of the price tag and became determined to find a bubbly substitute. The result was part recycling, part re-purposing. After emptying one of my favorite bottles of Bonnie Doon Riesling (a tough job but someone had to do it), I rinsed it out and filled it with an inexpensive bubble bath. Target brand baby nighttime bath will fill the entire wine bottle and smells of subtle lavender. Top the wine bottle with a cork, and voilà, fanciness!

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