Tips and Tricks: Good Gadget

I make more quesadillas than your average cheese-loving gal. These gooey cheesy concoctions tend to be my "oh, no, I forgot to eat breakfast and now I'm ravenous" go-to lunch. Personally, I keep my quesadillas simple. Good flour tortillas (I love Guerrero), a sprinkling of Monterrey Jack a dollop of medium salsa...cooked with a touch of Pam in my sauté pan. I savor each bite with a nice slice of avocado (so that my lunch isn't entirely green-free).

Enough dreaming about cheese and get to the point already....!!! Well, my must-have gadget is my Zyliss, palm-held pizza slicer. This do-dad comes in handy in all sorts of unexpected ways. A quick panini or a loaf of foccacia, this gadget zips across most anything, making kitchen time oh so quick and oh so fun.

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