My Life in France

"I feel I was born French." -Julia Child

Me too, Julia, me too.

The place where I feel most French is the gloriously sun-drenched Southern part of the country, particularly the region between Nice and Marseilles. The colors appear more vibrant there. The grapes taste of the earth in which they were grown (terroir, as the French call it). The hillsides look like patchwork quilts in varying shades of green.

One of my favorite activities in any country, but especially in the South of France, is aimless wandering through local markets. The artfully arranged stacks of freshly picked produce, bundles of local flowers, artisanal cheeses or soaps that smell of lavender---these markets engage and overwhelm every one of the five senses in the most wonderful of ways.

All images taken on my last trip to the Saturday market in Nice, 2007:


  1. Great photos! Somehow mine don't come out quite as good as my art major buddy's! I guess the econ degree is only good for so much! Thx for sharing the rezepts! (I think that is german...) love the fun drinks too! Sitting in the sun right now... thinking of the socal sun and baby and what was the other name of that hoochy mama at the pool?

  2. Juicy and Baby. Thank goodness they seem to have moved on to another pool. ;)


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