Red-shirt Wonderland

I am unabashedly obsessed with Target. Ordinarily, I frequent one of five local Targets at least once a week, and even more often if I can find a "valid" excuse ("Oh, honey, you said you're out of Tom's of Maine...better make a trip to Target! We wouldn't want you smelling less than daisy-fresh!")

So, this Lenten season, when considering what I should sacrifice until Easter, I went through the list of usual forfeited items: wine, chocolate, cursing, cheese, etc. In my silly little brain, I thought, I could truly live without any of these things for six or so weeks until Easter. I needed a real sacrifice. I needed a challenge of epic proportions.

You see where I'm going with this, don't you? Yes, ladies (and perhaps an occasional gentleman reader), no more Target for me until April 4 (not that I'm counting). It would seem that the universe is also working against me in this pursuit. My mom, completely unaware of this kooky Lenten plan, mailed me a Target gift card just yesterday. Usually, I reserve my Target gift cards for the most frivolous of purchases: a new girly dress (polka dots please) or some pink dish towels or an exotically-scented candle.

So, you can imagine my horror and delight when I opened the envelope to find this glorious gift card. I suppose my Target dreams will have to be put on hold until after the Easter bunny hops along. A girl can dream can't she...perhaps a quick glimpse at the Target website. No, that would be cheating! Alas...no more red-shirted wonderland for moi!

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