Something Beautiful

In the midst of her literal and metaphorical voyage of self-discovery, Elizabeth Gilbert in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, proclaims:

"I think I deserve something beautiful."

It is such a simple statement that encapsulates vastly universal human longings: for love, for excitement, for pleasure, for material things, for immaterial things. Though I wouldn't go so far as to argue that Gilbert has become a modern day prophet, I certain can identify with her pursuit of pleasure (which she discovers in Italy), devotion (India), and balance (Indonesia).

In the book, her narration about India particularly seized my imagination. Her illustrative descriptions instilled in me a very strong desire to explore this faraway land.

Most of what I know about India comes from film. While I'm guessing that "real" India may be closer to what I saw in Slumdog Millionaire than Monsoon Wedding or The Namesake, there is still something so alluring, so otherworldly about Indian culture. Perhaps because I know so little, I want to travel this place so much more.

So, alas, a few beautiful things from India to hold me over until I get to discover this gigantic, diverse and distant country for myself one day:
PS. Julia Roberts is bringing Eat, Pray, Love to the big screen in August, along with James Franco, Billy Crudup, and Javier Bardem.


  1. Nice - you just brightened my day. You are a great teacher! :-)

  2. Rohinton Mistry has also written some heartbreakingly lovely books about Indian life and culture. You may enjoy reading him.

  3. Woo hoo! Thanks y'all for leaving comments! Love to hear your thoughts. And, Allison, thanks for the book recommendation. Will check him out.


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