Take a Hike

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings." John Muir

Most people who know me would probably not list hiking as one of my preferred past-times: cocktails and pedicures, yes indeedy...climbing uphill in not-so-cute boots, no thank you. But among the many interests my husband has recently instilled in me (avocados and baseball probably hold the #1 & #2 spots), is the love of a good hike.

In Southern California, land of the meticulously manicured lawn and green-spray painted "grassy" freeway medians, untouched and untamed nature is a rarity. So, often on Sunday afternoons, we venture out to one of our favorite state parks and spend a few hours meandering through dusty paths, taking in the ocean view and wildlife.

Last weekend, we enjoyed the bounty of wildflowers after a particularly rainy winter:

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