Accessory Obsession: Chinese Lanterns

Since my visit to China in 2001, when I returned to the States with stacks of lanterns folded into my luggage, I've become enchanted by using these delicate paper light sources in design. String them along a patio for whimsical lighting or hang one in an unexpected corner for a dreamy touch. Whether in a range of hues or elegant all-white, lanterns are a perfect eclectic touch for your garden or home. Images borrowed from DoubleHappiness, InterestingNess, CulturalIntrigue, ApartmentTherapy, DesignAmour, & OhDeeDoh.


  1. hi there..thanks for the comments. and thanks for stopping by my blog. i am LOVING yours..being a francophile myself... ha.
    will be following. xoxo

  2. pink frenchie... I just learned about your blog today, and I love it. I will definitely be a repeat reader! I am so impressed with all the imagery and the great insights! I'm glad that I have such a cool friend and look forward to what's to come. - Kelly


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