At the Movies: Seeing Green

Some movies appear so meticulously directed that viewers might associate a specific color with them to the same degree as even character, plot, or setting.

Green seems to be a favorite in the film industry. Entire movies' art direction has been built around this versatile and emotive shade. It is the color of envy, of money, of nature, of fertility and of lust. Almost subliminally, the psychology of green enhances many complex plot points. Green especially seems to predominate in the following fabulous movies:

Great Expectations:

Shopgirl:Atonement:Gone with the Wind:

Any other films that make you green with envy?

Over the next few weeks, I start to look at other colors in film. Enjoy, movie buffs and color fiends!

all images borrowed from IMDB and GoogleImages

1 comment:

  1. My hubby just informed me that The Matrix is also filled with shades of green. But, somehow I couldn't bring myself to post Neo and Trinity alongside Scarlett and Amélie.


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