Closet Envy

Someday, maybe just someday, I will have a wonderfully gorgeous, organized closet. I'm talking matching wooden hangers, neatly folded stacks of cashmere cardigans in Skittle colors, Louboutins standing in tidy rows---a closet that would make Rachel Zoe go bananas or Jenna Lyon gasp.

Currently, my closet looks like the museum of Hawaiian shirts (thanks to my hubby's "collection") with bony plastic and wire hangers poking out from every angle. Bleck.

In the meantime, a girl can dream:
Images borrowed from Domino, ReliableRemodeler, Valencich, HouseBeautiful, LifeInAVentiCup, ArchitecturalDigest, JennaLyon & RachelZoe.

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is like reading a beautiful magazine!!!! Such style, such verve, such joie de vivre. Lovely details such as: "cashmeres in Skittle colors." Excellent writing, PinkFrenchie! Gorgeous photos, too.


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