Green Goddess

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite "green products." While I'm not a full-on green-freak, I do try to choose products that are friendlier to the sky and the sea and my lungs. You will be surprised to discover that not only do these products clean just as well, but they smell fantastic and most of them are at the same price point as your regular ole' cleaners.

Mrs. Meyer's Basil and Geranium scents make your kitchen and bath smell fresh without an added dose of potent chemicals.

brands make an array of cleaning goodies that actually make you want to whip out your yellow gloves and get scrubbing. In their line, I adore the pink grapefruit and cucumber hand washes. The daily shower spray and wood cleaner are equally efficacious and smell yummy.

7th Generation cleaning products take some getting used to as they often employ more natural oils like thyme. Sometimes (or all the time), you may not want your shower to smell like a roasted chicken. At first the thyme-scented cleanser was overpowering, but now I enjoy the fresh scent.

As for candles, my favorite line is Voluspa. Their candles are made of soy and apricot wax, burn cleanly and smell divine. My favorite scents are saijo persimmon for the spring, soleil for the summer and palo santo pear for the autumn.

Finally, stop wasting water bottles, people! Invest in one of these glass water bottles and refill at a fountain.

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