Guilty Pleasures

Unless you're Dexter Morgan or Henry VIII (apologies, I've been watching some serious Showtime lately), there aren't too many pleasures in life that should make you feel truly guilty.

Why do we call so many good things "guilty pleasures?" Dark chocolate. Red red wine (the beverage, not the song...but I bet the song's stuck in your head now, eh?). Watching anything on Bravo. Chick-flicks. Pink books. Pedicures. Highlights and blow-drys. Gossip magazines. Fried chicken.

I believe, in a world where most people are over-worked, over-Blackberried, over-trafficked and generally wiped out, what's the harm in finding pleasure where you can!?!

So, folks, here's my advice du jour: stop associating guilt with pleasure! For what would life be without things of beauty and fun to punctuate our days?

What are your "guilty pleasures?"

Images borrowed from TheTruffleShop, Mirror, TopNews & RealSimple.

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