Robin's Egg & Periwinkle & Azure

Blue is such a lovely hue!

Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian abstract painter, in Concerning the Spiritual in Art contemplates blue and ultimately argues that it is the most intensely spiritual of all colors. Blue is of the sky and sea--in all its shades, it can calm you like few others in the rainbow. So, whether indigo or Tiffany or cerulean, punctuate your rooms with this glorious color and feel your pulse slowing and your mind wandering.

First image by Holly Dyment Design
Last two images from Elle Decor
Other images from House Beautiful


  1. oh, the little glass boxes are lovely! Great blog! xo

  2. I cannot tell you how over the moon I am that someone other than my parents and BFF are reading this!!! Hooray! Thanks for your comments!


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