Travel Couture

Each time I traipse through one of America's airports, I am reminded how casual our culture has become. I think we should return to the glory days of air travel when ladies wore elegant skirts and white gloves and fancy hats as opposed to velour track suits and gym shoes and backpacks the size of toddlers. Mad Men has seeped into so many other aspects of our society, why not encourage our hubbies to dress more like Don Draper when they fly and less like Al Bundy?

In addition to making people-watching so much more pleasant (who really wants to see your saggy-butt sweatpants or your cat t-shirt, lady?), I also believe that improving the way we dress when we travel will result in better treatment by the airlines. Maybe, just maybe, that gate agent will give you the upgrade you've been begging for if you're decked out in your Sunday finest as opposed to your everyday worst.

So, go ahead America, ditch those old hoodies and stretchy pants when you fly! Pop on some pearls or don a chic trench coat, and voila, instant travel glam!

images from NYTimes, Google Images, Meaningful Design

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