Tea Time, Pinkies Up!

When I was a little girl, my mom hosted a tea party for my birthday. The invitations, typed on paper doilies, went out to a choice group of 2nd graders. A few weeks later, my little friends arrived decked out in their finest and frilliest frocks, borrowing mom's pearls and lipstick. I remember my hot pink velvet hat with netting (sourced from the local flea market). I remember awkwardly trying to maneuver my tea cup while wearing opera gloves. And, most of all, I remember the thrill of doing something so fancy, so ladylike and so special for my birthday.

Teatime is an afternoon ritual that I think I will add back into my life. The Brits definitely are on to something here. What's not to love about sipping warm tea out of fancy porcelain cups and nibbling tiny sandwiches and sweets? What's not to love about pausing in the middle of a frantic afternoon to revel in some epicurean delights?

Now if only I can find that pink velvet hat....

Images borrowed from Glam, BestWeekEver, WoodFordHoney, YoYoor & CreativeReview.

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  1. I loved fancy, shmantzy tea parties when I was growing up, particularly dress-up ones.

    Tea parties for dolls, tea parties for friends, tea parties because there were fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.

    A mom who indulges her daughter like yours did, LOVE the invitation on doilies, is a GREAT mom.


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