Things I Learned from Carrie

For me, the countdown to the release of Sex and the City 2 began weeks ago (er, actually the day after the first movie was released). The initial time I saw the trailer, I giddily shrieked out loud at the appearance of Aiden (thank goodness he's finally landed a gig more glamorous than being the voice of Applebee's).

To say I'm a devoted fan would be an understatement.
Every Friday in recent memory, while I wait on my hubby to get home from work, I select an episode (or three)at random, shake up a pink cocktail, and feel like I'm catching up with old friends. I anticipate that 20 years from now, I will still be watching my old episodes, delighting in the fashions, laughing and crying along with the girls.

Ultimately, every woman has a little Carrie, a little Charlotte, a little Miranda and perhaps even a touch of Samantha within her. More than the shoes, or the enviable fancy dinners, or the glimpses of New York City, what I adore most about the show is the friendship.

On a near daily basis, I am reminded of Carrie's wise commentary.

Among my favorite Carrie-isms:
Which SATC girl do you most identify with?
What's your favorite episode?

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  1. What I enjoyed about SITC was that in the end not only did all four women find love but that each acquired attributes from each other.

    Samantha in her newfound love became more of a romantic like Charlotte. Charlotte became smarter, more calculating, negotiating her marriage settlement with Bunny with the skill of Miranda or Samantha. Amanda became more compassionate and less cynical, qualities found in Charlotte.

    Carrie finding her "Carrie" necklace found herself, her self-worth, often damaged by Big. Why did it take her falling for the Ruskie, as Mr. Big called him, to get him to commit? There was a real poignancy to her finally being in Paris and then not having it work out. I LOVED the cinematograhy of the Paris episodes, seeing Carrie walk down the Seine.

    In the director's cut -- when she's walking down the street with Baryshnikov, the director says, we get a glimpse of what they might have been as a couple had things worked out. I never believed Carrie could not have made it in Paris. There is no way she would not have entered Alexander's light exhibition at the end and charmed others. I know for plot purposes, we had to have this relationship not work out so she could end up with Big. Alexander had to be a major disappointment.

    A fun ride. Loved the fashion and Paris motif throughout.


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