Coffee Table Chic

I perpetually rearrange my coffee table to reflect my current taste. Sometimes the table is quite minimal with three sleek silver candlesticks. Other weeks I'll have a large bowl of seashells out.

Currently, I'm taking the "more is more" approach by stacking my favorite pink and red books on the table. Some people stack books according to subject matter or to remember their favorites reads---I color code my books. With this new more cluttered arrangement, I am on the hunt for a large tray to contain my books and tidy up the table.

Many design gurus advocate the "tray theory," when it comes to controlling collections (check out The Decorista on this topic). I too espouse the view that if you place any otherwise disjointed group of things on a tray, voila, instant organization!

So, here are some inspirations from my tray hunt:
Images borrowed from ChristopherMaya, HouseBeautiful, BunnyWilliams, MoisesEsquenazi & MillyDeCabrol.

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  1. One of my favorite coffee tables, quite large and square like the one in your 1st photo, was covered in mirror, top and sides. Not only did it reflect the light in the room but also the beautiful objects placed on it. In a small room, a table such as this would do wonders.


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