How to Survive a Case of the Mondays

Mondays. Bleck. Few words in the English language elicit as much disdain as "Monday." 

So, when you have a big-time case of Office Space-style Mondays, here are some of my go-to survival tips:

Fix your hair.  Mondays + bad hair day = inevitable crankiness.  Take a little extra time to blow-dry and curl and fluff your locks.  I assure you, if your hair looks like a Pantene ad, you'll feel much more eager to greet the day. 

Select an outfit that makes you feel radiant.  Wear the ensemble that everyone compliments.  Mondays are not the day for your saggy ten-year-old black pants and your piling cardigan with a hole in the armpit.  Go glam on Mondays.

Have a special breakfast.  Thou shall not skip breakfast on Mondays.  Brew some coffee from fresh Costa Rican beans and make some steel cut oats topped with toasted coconut or dried cranberries.  You will need more than a NutraGrain bar or some stale Cheerios to get through the day.

Take a break. Recharge.  Spend time breathing fresh air and taking in some natural beauty.

Be nice to strangers. Say please and thank you.  Making others feel special will make you joyful. 

Images borrowed from here, PrettyYoungThings, TryingIsLying, here & WhenYouLoveMe.

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