Prosecco: For the Everyday Celebration

Americans save sparkling wine for special occasions far too often. Bring out the Champagne at Christmas or the Blanc de Noirs for a graduation or Cava to celebrate a promotion. I believe in popping out the sparklers for all the little everyday achievements!

Salut--- I just folded all seven loads of laundry in under two hours!

Cin, cin--- we're not having spaghetti for the fifth night in a row!

Bottoms-up--- we sat through an entire Ken Burns documentary!

But, I certainly do understand if you'd rather save that $150 bottle of Dom for something truly special. What I'm advocating on this lovely Sunday is sipping Prosecco when you feel like celebrating the ordinary.

Sparkling wine purists sometimes deride Prosecco as Champagne's cheaper cousin. I, however, adore the often tart notes and sweet bubbliness of a mid-range Prosecco.

In the not too distant past, Prosecco was scarce in grocery stores and markets; now, most major stores stock at least one or two varieties.

So, next time you need to mark the end of diapers for your kid or the beginning of a new season of
The Tudors, pop the cork on an inexpensive bottle of Prosecco and revel in the quotidian.

Tasting note: on this particular afternoon, I sampled Pirovano Extra Dry Prosecco. I discovered this wine at Whole Foods and it retailed for $11.99. Given the lovely dryness and its subtle honey notes, I'd say it was well worth the modest price point.

A hint from the Pink Frenchie: add a grape or a raspberry to your sparkling wine. The skin of the fruit helps keep the wine fizzy for longer. Though, I don't know about you....I never allow my flute to sit full for very long.

Photo by moi.


  1. For me, your BLOG is an everyday celebration. It combines:

    1 part style and elegance
    1 part joie de vivre
    2 parts keen observation
    a splash of humor

    Stir together. Share and enjoy with friends! Really, you must come up with a Pink Frenchie cocktail.

  2. Pink Frenchie,

    Your blog is a cocktail!

    It makes me feel better, inspires my inner domestic goddess and relieves tedium as I sit for hours at my laptop.

    I love the amazing colors in your photos.

    It's like having a gorgeous magazine at my fingertips. One little click of the mouse and voila I'm on a Pink Frenchie hoiday.

  3. Bubbly makes every day feel like a celebration!

  4. I was not sipping bubbly when I wrote the post two above but I am now as I treat myself to . . .
    my Pink Frenchie holiday!


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