Wall of White

After four years of living in our apartment sans draperies, I finally purchased curtains for our living room. Because we live in easy breezy CA, I selected very soft, white, sheer panels that are uncharacteristic of my usual exuberant color choices.

As I told my perplexed hubby, "I want to feel like I live on a sailboat." And now, with those curtains aloft, I do.

When I was a little girl, I asked my mom to purchase a white mosquito net canopy to cover my twin sized bed---not because our Missouri evenings were so permeated with pesky mosquitoes that I couldn't sleep, but because I thought those white nets were so dreamy, so otherworldly. As an adolescent, I had watched Out of Africa almost every weekend, so perhaps I was just channeling my inner Isak Dinesen.

At night, I would pull that net tight around my bed and pretend I was on safari in Kenya or in a tent along the Nile or beach-side in Thailand.

My new sheer curtains remind me of that imaginative time long ago. While they are possibly the simplest design choice, those white panels are strangely exotic, like my long-lost mosquito net.

In our apartment full of color and pattern, the billowy blankness of the curtains is incredibly calming. As we sit in our favorite chairs, sipping our ritual evening glass of vino, those curtains undulate and dance in the breeze.

Now, this is how I feel when I sit in my living room oasis:Images borrowed from TopsyTurvyStyle, CaliforniaWeddingWave, here, here & SourceforInteriors.


  1. Beautiful writing, Pink Frenchie.
    Love the image of "the billowing blankness" of the white curtains, the sailing imagery.

    Nicely done.

  2. Pink Frenchie,
    After yesterday's post, glad to see you're "sailing along." We are too.
    Thank you for taking us on this journey.


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