Restoration, Relaxation and Reevaluation

Over the course of the next weeks, my blog posts are going to become spartan, if not nonexistent.  Partly due to travel plans to Bermuda and partly out of a need to reevaluate this little blog project, I need some time off.  At the moment, I feel I've lost my creative zest.  These days I feel more like Taupe Czechie or Gray Ruskie---my joie de vivre is not exactly emanating from my spirit lately. 

So, I should be back here, post-summer vacation and post-blogistential crisis.  Maybe I'll experience a cosmic jolt of creativity.  Maybe Leo DiCaprio and his Inception crew will plant some fantastic new ideas in my brain while I'm sleeping.   Maybe the ghost of Julia Child will visit me to offer a fabulous butter-laden innovation.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my favorite bloggers and what they're up to in the "Fellow Aficionados" links at the bottom of my page.  Ciao for now....


  1. You certainly can't tell you have lost your creativity! Have a great break and fun in Bermuda! I would say think of me when you have a bud light, but please think of me when you have something pink and fruity and.... spiked!

  2. Pink Frenchie,

    I know you're having a
    crusising the blue water
    of the Bahamas.

    But a day without a sprinkling
    of life's delicious details
    just isn't quite as divine!

    I know you'll return
    with some fabulous stories
    and insights!


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