One of my favorite lazy weekend pastimes is reading The Wall Street Journal. You may not immediately think of the Journal as a source for aesthetic inspiration of gustatory delights, but inside its pages are often elegantly written articles on wine and travel and art.  

The order of operations for a weekend morning in the Pink Frenchie household involves two closely intertwined steps:

1) Make coffee.  Make more than the petite weekday-size carafe.  Make lots of strong French roast.  Make it with gusto. 

2) Retrieve the paper from the front doormat--- and hope that the delivery boy didn't chuck it yards away so that I have to scurry outside in my jammies.  Once operation paper-fetch has been accomplished, I hand off the front page to the hubby and grab the "weekend" section for myself.
As we hear those beans grinding in the coffee pot and we have newsprint on our fingertips, we know the weekend is off to a fine debut.
What are your weekend rituals?   

Images borrowed from Teara & KansasCyclists.

1 comment:

  1. Pink Frenchie,
    I too enjoy reading The Journal
    while sipping a cup
    of freshly brewed coffee.
    Then it's time to head out
    for a two-hour hike
    in in Crystal Cove
    overlooking Laguna Beach.

    I revel in the peace and tranquility
    of the wandering trails,
    the scent of sage in the air
    and the blue of the Pacific.
    Nature restores my soul.
    The challenges of the week ahead
    no longer seem as daunting.


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