Dress like a Lady

Last night, I spent a couple of luscious hours fawning over 726 pages of the September Vogue.  In past years, I found myself questioning the selections of Anna Wintour and her team.  How many American women would really wear sequined harem pants or 6 inch purple platforms heels?  

But this year, I was delighted to discover the abundance of classy, elegant, lady-like looks à la Grace Kelly or Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn.  

Gone are the grungy military and unstructured bohemian fashions.  Fall this year, at long last, requires dressing like a lady and flaunting feminine curves. We can thank Michelle O(bama) and the gals of Mad Men for this return to refined, polished styles.

Want to incorporate this look into your existing wardrobe?  Be sure to check out your local vintage stores for real fifties and sixties-inspired gems.

Think about adding some of these ladylike items to your closet:
  • sheath dresses
  • knee length skirts and dresses
  • sweater sets
  • pointed toe kitten heels
  • tiny belts
  • skinny pants
  • architectural hand bags
  • leopard prints
  • pearls
  • large plastic framed sunglasses
Are you a Vogue lover like moi?  Be sure to check out my post on The September Issue documentary! 

Images of Lara Stone by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot borrowed from Vogue.


  1. Yay! I am a classic kind of girl and hate the current stuff, happy to hear that classy or classic is coming back!

  2. This is all news to me since I am so out of the fashion loop, but given my wardrobe consists of only 50's styles I guess I am back in Vogue? Yay for being a lady, and what a perk that it is back in style too!

  3. The model has that Lauren Bacall look,
    long blond hair parted on the side,
    falling to her shoulders.
    And a beautiful, trim yet sexy figure,
    no Kate Moss stick figure here.

    Bravo for Vogue for featuring
    the iconic '50's woman
    and for Mad Men for bringing
    back the glamorous sixties.


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