Comfy Chic

Snuggies. Uggs. Stretchy pants.  Comfort has become the dirty word in fashion because of shapeless items like these. 

If you've ever watched more than five minutes of TLC's long-running program, What Not to Wear, you have inevitably seen Clinton Kelly roll his eyes when one of his sloppy students mutters the words, "but it's soooo comfy."  On the show, Kelly tosses out heaps of sagging sweat pants and unstructured shoes and hoodies. 

What poorly-dressed Americans need to remember is that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive.  Each and every time I dash out to the grocery store or pick up some non-essentials at Target, I am reminded of the lackluster attitude so many people have towards their attire.  The place where this is always most apparent to me is at the airport.  Oh my, how fashion sins abound when people travel!  When did wearing plaid flannel p.j.s in public become acceptable?

So, how can you add in comfort to your wardrobe without sacrificing style?
Here are some suggestions using the always fabulous Jackie O as our icon.
  • Tailoring.  Fit is the key to looking chic.  When your clothes hang off of you or drape in inappropriate places (i.e. saggy butt syndrome), you will not exude confidence nor elegance.  Using proportions wisely helps.  If your lower half is covered in something loose-fitting, wear something more tailored on top and vice-versa.  
  • Texture.  One of the easiest way to make your attire more comfortable is to select natural fibers.  Cotton and cashmere are timelessly wearable and will make whatever you're wearing feel soft and cozy.
  • Layers. Your comfort can certainly be impinged if you are one of those people, like I, who is constantly cold.  I generally layer a cardigan or jacket and a scarf over most any ensemble.  
  • Accessories. Even if you're wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, take the time to top off your look with some fashion frosting.  Add a fun pair of dangling earrings or a statement necklace and even the most blah outfit becomes effortlessly chic. 
Images borrowed from Harper's, TheLondonTimes, LaVieSucre, FashionRat.

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    1. Thank you for your photos of Jacquie's seemingly effortless chic. Attention to details is what makes her style look effortless. Loved the photos!


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