Designing for the Bibliophile

"Libraries: the medicine chest of the soul." 
Inscription over the doorway to the library at Thebes

Today I am dreaming of my very own library with built-in bookcases a plenty.  I need a place to proudly display my old ragged copy of Gatsby and my stacks of art historical biographies and my favorite page-turners.  

Wouldn't it be perfectly lovely to settle down into a favorite cozy chair with a cup of Lady Grey tea and leisurely browse through old books?
By Miles Redd via House Beautiful
By Jean Allsopp
By Jan Showers
By Grey Crawford
By Emily Leutkemeyer
By Angus Fergusson

All images borrowed from DecorPad.

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  1. Books we've read reveal
    who we were at a certain time.
    Leafing through them
    we see snapshots of who we were.
    Why was that novel chosen?
    And what did it mean to us then?

    Great books we've read
    take us back to a moment in time.
    They're like a visit with a good friend.
    The conversation resumes
    and we settle in and enjoy.


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