Pinkalicious Sofas

Some of my friends' little girls love flipping through the pages of the illustrated childrens tale, Pinkalicious.  After indulging in far too many pink cupcakes, Pinkalicious turns pink from head to toe, suffering from a not-so-dreaded case of pinkitis.   

These days, I fear I have become stricken with the same affliction.  For as much as I try to cure myself of pinkitis, all I dream of are pink interiors and pink food and pink dresses---yet another thing I have in common with five year olds (my predilection for mac & cheese and Pixar movies among others) . 

Today, my pinkitis has me hallucinating a pink sofa.  

Sssshhhh, don't tell your hubbies that this was Pink Frenchie's idea!  

Images borrowed from TheLenoxx, BelleVivir, DavidKaplan, VogueLiving, PaulCostello, CountryStyle.


  1. You would LOVE India. The color of the clothing is so bright, Diana Vreeland in '62 remarked: "I ADORE that pink. It's the navy blue of India." Of course, meaning pink is a standard wardrobe color there.

    That remark spun all the "Y is the new X" remarks such as: "gray is the new black" and so on.

    At an Indian wedding, you'll be struck by the brilliant jewel tones of the saris.

  2. Pink Frenchie,

    Since I was four years old, I had a pink bedroom. Now the interior of my own home is pink: walls and carpeting the same shade of blush pink. Do I feel like I'm living in a pink shoebox? No, the furnishings break the "pinkiness" up. Blush pink is soothing, easy to live with. For me, a mood enhancer.


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