Wedded Bliss

Five years ago, we said "I do."  On a cool fall evening in El Paso, Texas, my dear sweet hubby and I committed to love, honor and cherish one another.  Despite the peaks and valleys of day to day life, we have both done our best to fulfill those vows. 
I still remember all of those people who had come to celebrate with us on that magical day.  I recall passing by smiling faces as my dad proudly escorted me to the front of the church.  I remember how the candlelit sanctuary looked so perfectly dreamy through my diaphanous veil. 
As we said our vows, he in his dapper tux and me in my princess gown, I did not tremble nor let a tear fall.  I knew it was time to start our life together and I was ready.  
When the cello and violins gently played Bach and as the Scriptures were read by our family members, the night took on an otherworldly quality.  I'm sure that most everyone remembers their own weddings with a special nostalgic aura surrounding the day; but, I sincerely felt that our wedding day was graced with the love of friends and the beauty of many petits plaisirs.  
When the long wedding day unfolded into a long night, I paused at one quiet moment to take in the scene: old friends laughing and dancing, pink velvet cake cut, children twirling giddily from the sugar high.  

As my husband and I inevitably grow older, I will always reflect on the unmatched joy of that day in October: the day that our chance meeting in college officially evolved into the love that defines our life together. 

(Cue sappy music.  Release the doves.)  But, seriously, it was a fantastic day.  And, they lived happily ever after. 


  1. Beautiful post, Pink Frenchie.
    Wishing you and your hubby
    a Happy Anniversary!

  2. Betty says,

    Your wedding was fabulous, elegant and fun.
    In true pinkfrenchie style!


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