Cocktail du Jour

Okay, I'll fess up, this is not a drink of my own invention.  In fact, quite the contrary, this is Miss Oprah's favorite cocktail du jour.  She loves this drink so much that she served it on one of her recent shows as she camped in Yosemite (yes, you read that right, Oprah camped...well, kind of).

So in addition to telling us what to read and what to buy, now I'm am letting Lady O tell me what to drink.  But, once you taste this delicious gingery and tart beverage, you'll be toasting her too!
The Moscow Mule:
  • 2 shots of vodka
  • juice of 1/2 fresh lime
  • muddled mint (if you have some)
  • top off with ginger beer (or ginger ale, but ginger beer has a must more robust flavor)
Mix together and serve atop some crushed ice. 
Happy Friday, comrades! 


  1. Pink Frenchie,
    Next trip to Yosemite, we'll indulge in Oprah's FAV cocktail. Please send us her or your FAV snack to go with the cocktail.

  2. I would recommend some salami, herbed goat cheese and crackers to compliment the spice of the Moscow Mule. Or....if you really want to go Russian, a dollop of caviar, some crême fraiche and a bit of dill on a baguette?

  3. Oh, yum! I love both suggestions.
    Merci beaucoup, Pink Frenchie.


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