A Royal Engagement

When I was a little girl, I knew one thing was certain about my future: I was to marry Prince William.  I was convinced it would work out just splendidly: our mothers were pregnant with us at the same time, we both have equine bone structure and flaxen hair, we both studied art history.  Clearly, so much in common.

Now, that Will has announced his engagement to the lovely Kate Middleton, I have visions of royal weddings on my brain.  Since I never witnessed the grandest weddings of the twentieth century, Charles and Diana for one, I am excited to see all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding these nuptials. 
Images borrowed from Lifehere.

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  1. You can count on Kate's wedding gown being sleek and modern like her. Diana's dress was sumptuous but more in line with what a nineteen-year old fairy-tale princess would wear. Had Diana married at 28, her look would have been less of a "meringue" (a quip about a bride from Four Weddings and a Funeral) and more contemporary.

    As a young mom when Diana married, I remember being astonished that she had few "smart" clothes and was outfitted for her engagement photo by her mother. In her early photos, she dressed too matronly. With the help of Vogue editors, her inimitable sense of style evolved. Diana became a fashion icon.


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