Thanksgiving Nibbling

Planning the Thanksgiving menu is a highly personal affair.  Everyone coming to the table has their special requests and nostalgic dishes.  

Must-haves at my own Thanksgiving are my dad's cranberry-orange relish, corn pudding courtesy of my mom's dear friend, butternut squash gratin with pesto, and mushy-gushy unctuous green bean casserole. If I am especially brave, I will attempt homemade yeast rolls and try to replicate that glorious scent that always emanated from grandma's kitchen on Thanksgiving.
While there's usually no altering the long-standing Thanksgiving favorites, one culinary aspect of Turkey Day can inspire some creativity: appetizers.  

As all cooks know, guests inevitably end up in the kitchen to steal a bite of turkey or snatch a warm roll.  So, it is a Thanksgiving requisite to offer some sort of nibbly bite as hors d'oeuvres.  Place these appetizers outside the kitchen as to remind the hungry little visitors to congregate outside of your busy prep zone.

While a nice bowl of nuts or the classic baked brie with pears will do just fine, Food and Wine magazine offers these unique snacks as a lovely prelude to your symphonic feast. Serve with a chilled glass of Chenin blanc or some Prosecco, and all will be thankful in no time.
Fig and prosciutto flatbreads
Gouda biscotti
Savory profiteroles
"Everything" twists
Baked Camembert with mushroom fricassee

Roasted cashews with sage
Bagel chips with goat cheese, pesto and prosciutto
All recipes available at Food and Wine.

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