Words to Live by

While Einstein was most certainly not referring to design with this remark, as I read it, I immediately conjured up images of crisp, uncluttered modern homes.  As Einstein urges us improve our situation in life, to turn those proverbial lemons into lemonade, I begin to think about how our spaces shape our possibilities. 

My design aesthetic tends towards layered, bohemian, cluttered rooms, filled with mementos and collections and cherished possessions.  But, lately I've been pining for a simpler style, for a more minimalist room that will allow peace amid the occasional discord of life. 
What I like about these more reduced spaces is the designer's use of color and texture to create warmth amid the simplicity.  Minimal rooms can so easily veer towards the sterile, the unwelcoming.  But, these rooms below merge an uncluttered approach to design with a sophistication that beckons us to stay a while.
What do you do to reduce clutter around your home?  Do you find that your ambiance affects your productivity? 

Images borrowed from here, TMDesignLtd, DecorPad, McGillDesignGroup, SarahRichardson, ElleDecor


  1. I am a minimalist who cannot stand clutter. At home we are very neat and try to keep the amount of things down. At work, I cannot work at my desk unless it is neat and organized. I know, crazy!

  2. Pink Frenchie,

    For me, framed family photos are a must. These photos are mementoes of happy times.

    Happiness comforts and inspires me.
    I accomplish so much more when I am happy.


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