Fear Not the Soufflé

Certain culinary experiences are outright daunting: making croissants from scratch, roasting a medium-rare rack of lamb, creating a perfectly lemony Hollandaise sauce to top perfectly poached eggs. These are the recipes you read longingly in your cookbooks. These are the recipes that cause you to think, maybe one day.

At the top of my culinary avoidances list were soufflés. Then, I came across this simple and seamless recipe from Mark Bittman. My first ever soufflé go-round, and the result was absolute chocolaty perfection. I even felt so confident as to pull together an impromptu raspberry sauce.

So, go forth and conquer your kitchen fears (just be sure to practice these recipes on your hungry hubby before debuting them at your next dinner party). You do not want to have a Bridget Jones' blue soup incident on your hands.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the tip and recipe! This aspiring domestic goddess is lucky to have pink frenchie to help! Green question - is cream of tartar the same thing as tartar sauce? For some reason I am thinking no! Thx for your help!
    Miss you!
    p.s. Tom will also thank you for this chocolate delight!

  2. Hi Howie, cream of tartar is found in the baking section. It's a white powdery substance kind of like baking powder but has different chemical properties! :) Also, other tip, use really good chocolate...this recipe doesn't call for much, but it really enhances the flavor.

  3. PS. I think I used more chocolate than the recipe called for....and these have a real bittersweet, dark chocolate flavor, if you prefer a milder chocolate taste, may need to add a bit of sugar....

  4. Thx for the tips! I love dark chocolate so I think I will like the deeper flavor! Can't wait to make it!

  5. I remember a hostess in Paris with a chic domicile in Neuilly, whose first course at her dinner parties was invariably a souffle. As she entertained and her guests looked out over a summer garden banked with bright pink hydrangeas, a totally pinkfrenchie touch you would've loved, her staff was busy making individual souffles. A maid would give her a discreet nod and the hostess would announce dinner was served because in her words, "A souffle waits for no one."


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