How to End the Weekend Right

1. Pour vino into your favorite glass. Rosé, while given a bad reputation, is a lovely chilled libation. Blackjack Ranch's Rubies is what we poured on this particular evening. Yum.
2. Find a comfy chair outside, preferably of the Adirondack variety.
3. Light candles. Candles=ambiance.
4. Soak in the last bit of Sunday sun.
5. Do not think nor utter a word about Monday. Monday is like Voldemort. It shall not be mentioned.
6. Recline in said chair with said glass of vino. Chill. Out.

Photo by moi, on our gnome-sized porch. Spring 2010.

1 comment:

  1. Pink Frenchie = ROMANCE!
    The vino is chilling and the candle lit!


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