Beach Bag Bingo

Today, I'm borrowing a feature from Coastal Living magazine. Recently, they've been profiling designers and celebs by asking what they tote around in their beach bags.

We're planning a trip to Bermuda later this summer and I've already started trying to whittle down my list of beach-reads and making a Marley mix for the iPod.

Today, I thought I'd spill the usual contents of my own beach bag:

What are your must-have beach goodies?

Tunic by Tory Burch, bag from
Jcrew & flipflops from OldNavy.

1 comment:

  1. You must take a sarong, Pink Frenchie.
    It's the perfect bathing suit cover-up and so easy to pack. I've even used mine as a shawl when the supposed tropical climate turned unexpectedly cold. Tres indispensable and chic!


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