January Rejuvenation

Hello, dears!  After a little holiday hiatus, I'm back in blogland.

As much as I delighted in the festivities of December, I am so happy to return to a routine, clear out the holiday clutter, and start another year.  While I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions, I do always aspire to dive into another year with a focus on health and well-being.

Here are some simple things I'm doing this January to become my healthiest self:
  • live by Michael Pollan's food rules: eat fresh and eat locally as often as possible
  • add at least one fruit or veggie to every meal
  • take a daily walk and breathe deeply
  • swap cocktails for fancy fizzy waters
    • read and write daily
    • turn off the t.v. and revel in the silence 
    • dream big and explore my curiosity every day
      • pray before I start the day
      • pause and practice a couple sun salutations each morning
      • stop sweating the small stuff
      • look for beauty in the everyday 
      • if all else fails, be kind
        Be well, my friends.
        May this year be your year.

        All images for sale on Etsy and borrowed from IndiraAlbertLucillesKitchen, ElizabethSchleicher, BridgetBeth &; KristinAnnie.


        1. Delighted you're back, Pink Frenchie!

          I've missed my morning demitasse
          of happiness and inspiration.

        2. What inspiring guidelines to live by! I may have to adopt them for myself.


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